This badass tattooed Stormtrooper is truly the Empire's finest

As excited as Star Wars fans were to see the First Order's shock troops from The Force Awakens, those are nothing compared to the badassness that is this custom Stormtrooper action figure.

Created by @yononaka_poison, the old-school trooper is transformed with gorgeous, intricate Japanese-style tattoos that start at the helmet, continue on the arms and chest, and finish with the upper legs. Note the oni-like Darth Vader on his right thing, while the Death Star can be seen on his left shoulder.

This Stormtrooper is so badass he might just give Captain Phasma a run for her money. Might.

本日はここまで!あまり目立った変化は無いように見えるけど細かく描き足してますよ。右腿にはさりげなくあの人を入れてみた。 pic.twitter.com/kQYcLXxbtD

— そりまち (@yononaka_poison) September 8, 2015

ストーム・トルーパー完成しました。右太腿には御大将。左肩には皆殺しの星。 pic.twitter.com/JXBUDPuM7F

— そりまち (@yononaka_poison) September 11, 2015

Mantap anjeeeeeng~ dah kayak yakuza

sumber > yononaka_poison pic.twitter.com/vxfC8Dp0oh

— Jenina P.M. Tarigan (@djenoloid) September 10, 2015

(via Rocket News24)

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