This 'Attack on Titan' coin bank could lead to colossal savings

Among the avalanche of Attack on Titan merchandise threatening to empty your bank account -- life-size replicas of 3D maneuver gear, for instance -- there's at least one item that actually encourages you to save money. Of course, you'll have to shell out about $207 first.

It's Bandai's Colossal Titan coin bank, which is just that -- colossal. It's 1/100th scale, which means it stands a whopping 23.6 inches tall, and looking as if he stepped out of Hajime Isayama's hit manga. Aside from its sheer size, the best thing about the bank is that you insert (or remove) coins at the base of its neck -- the kill spot for the flesh-eating giants.

The Colossal Titan coin bank will be released in September.

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(via Rocket News24)

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