This 6-foot LEGO Unikitty welcomes you to Cloud Cuckoo Land

In Cloud Cuckoo Land, there are no rules, which means you're free to, say, build an enormous Princess Unikitty out of LEGO bricks.

That's exactly what Christopher Bartneck did, creating a "life-size" (nearly 6-foot) homage to the half-unicorn, half-anime kitten dynamo from The LEGO Movie. "It took several months from planning to finish," he writes, "and [I] never used as many pink bricks in my life."

While we're not sure how many pink bricks were used, the total is about 30,000. However, Unikitty doesn't just stand there and look pretty: The head actually rotates, and its enormous eyes contain blinking LED lights.

(via The Brothers Brick)

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