This 3D-Printed Iron Man Mark I Suit Rivals the Best of Figurines

Tony Stark has built his fair share of highly-advanced prostheses in his day. Some of those suits of armor have been low-key and practical, built for easy stuff like zipping around skyscrapers and leveling alien incursions. Others housed threats like Ultron, or were designed to take down a rampaging Hulk, but all those suits had to start somewhere. Now, one enterprising 3D modeler has taken the Armored Avenger back to his roots with a miniature Iron Man Mark I model.

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The model depicts Stark’s first prototype suit from the 2008 “Iron Man” film, and was made by Thingverse user JarvisWoo. It is comprised of 96 parts and took three months to build using a Deltaprintr Assembled and Cinema 4d software.

JarvisWoo, whose first name is Wuyanmin, according his Thingverse profile, is a teacher at China Science and Technology Museum who built the model to get kids interested in 3D printing. Interested 3D modelers can make their own Mark I, if so inclined, as the seven blueprints have been compiled into one collective download, initially separated due to the sheer number of parts in the project.

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If you don’t have a 3D printer -- because, let’s be honest, they’re not the most common household appliances just yet -- but still want to put together your own model, Thingverse has an option to get the individual parts printed and sent directly to you through a third-party app.

(via makers.)

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