This 27-Inch Voltron Statue is Really Expensive, Also Awesome

Sideshow Collectible has announced a gorgeous new Voltron statuette, although its price tag may ensure only the most dedicated Defenders of the Universe will snag one.

The whopping 27-inch tall figurine can be yours for $1250 -- roughly $46.30 per inch, but who's counting? Sideshow's official announcement page boasts that the collectible is comprised of 106 individual polyresin, plastic and metal components, although fans will only have to assemble 11 different parts on their own. The eyes in both its face and the individual lions all light up, too. This Voltron also features a 14 1/2-inch wingspan in case there was any question about its sheer massiveness.

For those out there with lingering doubts about the necessity of setting up a payment installation pre-order plan -- which starts today -- maybe this announcement video will convince you.

Voltron "has become an amazing part of the collective geek consciousness that all these years later, we still long for gigantic robot cats of our own," the announcement page states, "...which is why Sideshow went out and made some."

Those who don't have an extra grand to spare can catch "Voltron: Legendary Defender" on Netflix beginning this Friday. The new animated series comes from showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery. The pair previously worked on "Avatar: The Last Airbender" as well as "The Legend of Korra."

Via io9

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