Third season of 'Gotham Girls' announced

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The much anticipated Season 3 of DC Comics' and Warner Bros. Animation's 'Gotham Girls' premieres on Tuesday, July 16th at Warner Bros. Online. The latest Flash episodes follow the continuing escapades of Gotham City's fearless females featuring Batgirl and her felonious foes (Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn), whose respective talents are revealed as they move through crime-laden Gotham City in these exclusive-to-the-web cartoon shorts. The first installment, "Ms.-ing In Action," finds Batgirl once again in hot pursuit of Catwoman, as together they stumble upon the disappearance of the entire Gotham City male population! Unlike previous seasons, which featured 10 unconnected "one-off" web shorts, Season 3's chapters build episode by episode for one gripping season-long whodunit! The mystery unfolds with new cartoons scheduled to debut every other Tuesday as follows:

July 16th – "Ms.-ing In Action"

July 30th – "Gotham In Pink"

August 13th – "Hear Me Roar"

August 27th – "Gotham In Blue"

September 10th – "A Cat In The Hand"

September 24th – "Jailhouse Wreck"

October 8th – "Honor Among Thieves"

October 22nd – "No, I'm Batgirl!!!"

November 5th – "Signal Fires"

November 19th – "Cold Hands, Cold Heart"

In addition to the all-new Season 3 of original "Gotham Girls" cartoons, the Gotham Girls Web site also features:

* "Spread the Word," a community area designed with Web cards, message boards and e-mail-a-friend and build-a-home page functionalities.

* "Girls Unmasked", a glimpse into the world of the Gotham Girls, providing a detailed description of each girl's personality delving into why Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are just so very good at being so very bad and why Batgirl is determined to thwart them.

* "Gotham City Loot", a treasure trove of downloadable images, wallpaper and screen savers.

* "Who Done It", a new polling place for amateur detectives where fans can vote for their chief suspect after each episode as they help solve the season-long mystery!

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