Third Printing of 'Superman/Batman' #1 sells out

Official Press Release

The first issue of the hot new series SUPERMAN/BATMAN once again has sold out at DC Comics (although copies still may be available at retail). The third printing of SUPERMAN/BATMAN #1 sold out less than two weeks after reaching stores on November 5.

"Once again, we're so lucky to have the support of the fans and retailers on this book," says writer Jeph Loeb. "We're thrilled that the response has been out of this world. Following this arc we've got Pat Lee doing Issue #7 and then another massive storyline with Michael Turner starting in #8 - both doing their first DC super-hero stories! On behalf of myself, Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines, Richard Starkings and Dave Stewart - we're doing our best to bring the heat!"

"It's terrific to see sales momentum continuing on this issue," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "We have no doubt that reader interest in SUPERMAN/BATMAN is going to increase with the issues drawn by Pat Lee and Michael Turner, so now's the time to increase your orders. And, as is the case with so many sell-out issues, we have no plans to go back to press at this time, but if we see sufficient demand, we'll be happy to consider it."

Other issues of SUPERMAN/BATMAN are available as follows:

* SUPERMAN/BATMAN #2 (JUL030169) and #3 (AUG030193) are both on sale now and available for reorder.

* SUPERMAN/BATMAN #4 (SEP030234) is available for advance reorder and is scheduled to arrive in stores on December 3.

* SUPERMAN/BATMAN #5 (OCT030226) is solicited in the October issue of Previews (Volume XIII #10) and is scheduled to reach stores on December 24

* SUPERMAN/BATMAN #6 (NOV030212) is solicited in the November issue of Previews (Volume XIII #11) and is scheduled to reach stores on January 21.

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