Third "Noble Causes" trade debuts this December

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- September 30, 2004 -- Fans of Jay Faerber's monthly ongoingsuperhero saga NOBLE CAUSES will now be able to own a piece of the Noblefamily puzzle in a special updated edition. Image Comics is pleased toannounce that the third NOBLE CAUSES collection, NOBLE CAUSES VOL. 3:DISTANT RELATIVES, will be available in December.

This trade paperback collects the 2003 four issue mini-series of the samename, but with a substantial difference this time around. The book,originally published in black and white, will now be collected in fullcolor.

Creator and writer Faerber explains:

"Noble Causes: Distant Relatives was originally published in greytonedblack-and-white, and it was always my intention to be able to collect thebook in color, since that's the format most superhero fans prefer. Ofcourse, no collection is ever guaranteed, but with the recent successfullaunch of the Noble Causes ongoing series (which is also in color!),everyone involved felt like it'd be a good idea to have this latestcollection available, and in color."

NOBLE CAUSES: DISTANT RELATIVES features the maverick "hero" Frost's journeyinto an alternate dimension in search of his real father. He is followed bythe book's "normal" human protagonist, Liz Noble, who hopes to be reunitedwith an alternate version of her dead husband, the super-speedster RaceNoble.

"While we were careful to make sure the new Noble Causes series startedfresh, the seeds for our first story arc are planted right here, in thisstory," says Faerber.

In addition to the usual creator commentary and conceptual artwork, thiscollection also features a brand-new, never-before-published story writtenby Faerber and drawn by Valentine De Landro.

"This is a 6-page story originally created for another anthology," Faerberexplains. "but when that book sort of fell through, I didn't want the storyto go to waste, so we decided to run it here, as an added bonus for thefans. It features Rusty, playing in a charity baseball game - one of thosetelevised celebrity events you see on MTV. It's a lot of fun."

NOBLE CAUSES VOL. 3: DISTANT RELATIVES sports a new cover by regular seriesartist Fran Bueno, and is 120 pages for $12.95. It is now available in theOctober PREVIEWS and goes on sale this December.

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