10 Things You Didn't Know About DC's Intergang

In the DC Universe, there is any number of criminal organizations and supervillain team-ups, but few of them have such an extensive history as Intergang. Created by the legendary Jack Kirby, Intergang made their first appearance in the Jimmy Olsen comics and quickly became a recurring problem for superheroes all over the world of DC and beyond. Intergang has proven to be an adaptable and compelling criminal organization that pops up where one would least expect. Here are ten things to know about Intergang.

10 Their origins are unclear

Intergang, like many characters and organizations in the DC Universe, has had differing origins over the years. Pre-Crisis, Intergang was run by Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim out of Metropolis (Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #139). Intergang also worked with Morgan Edge (or more specifically, a clone of Morgan Edge) who ran the Galaxy Broadcasting Company. However, following the shakeup from Crisis on Infinite Earths, things changed a bit; Intergang began with Edge in control, only to be later supplanted by Bruno Mannheim. A later retcon would have Mannheim found the group, somehow lose it to Edge, and then take over again.

9 They work with Apokolips

The big thing that makes Intergang such a threat to someone like Superman (whose titles the gang often shows up in) is that they are working directly with Apokolips. Often their big point of contact is Desaad, but ultimately, their largest patron is Darkseid himself. Several major Apokolyptians have made their way into Intergang schemes and storylines. Beyond Desaad, Granny Goodness, and Darkseid. There Four Horsemen of Apokolips have also had roles in Intergang's criminal activities. As of Superman #654, however, Bruno Mannheim returns, decked out in alien tech, and claiming to have a benefactor other than Darkseid.

8 They deal in clones

Cloning is a major part of Intergang's origins and membership, going far beyond the pre-Crisis Morgan Edge clone. It turns out that Bruno Mannheim's father, Boss "Moxie" Mannheim, discovered his enemies since the 1940s, the Newsboy Legion had seemingly remain eternally youthful since the 40s. Working with a rogue Project Cadmus scientist, Dabney Donovan, "Moxie" had his fellow criminals of the 40s cloned and proceeded to take control of Intergang for a while. Donovan was introduced in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #142.

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7 They are a thorn in the side of Superman

While intergang is a truly international, and technically intergalactic criminal organization, their primary haunt tends to me Metropolis, putting them firmly in the rogue's gallery of Superman. Intergang is really one of those cornerstone developments of Superman continuity. The organization was developed by Jack Kirby for the Jimmy Olsen title Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, specifically first introduced in issue #133. One of Superman's greatest victories against the gang, however, involved no tights at all! Clark Kent and Cat Grant used the power of The Daily Planet's journalism to bring down the crime syndicate for a while. This lead to an escape on the part of Bruno, who vanished in a collapsing Boom Tube (Action Comics #673).

6 The Bat-Family too

Batman's traditional territory of Gotham is not safe from the crimes of intergang either. In the 2006 weekly series 52, Gotham found itself dealing with a bizarre new version of intergang. Two of Batman's allies, Batwoman and The Question (Renee Montoya) were particularly involved in dealing with the group. The pair discover, through Intergang members Whisper A'Daire and Kyle Abbot, that Intergang had significantly expanded their holdings to places such as Oolong Island and Bialya, and had begun to reassert themselves around a pseudo-religion of crime.

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5 They're in a lot of adaptations

Intergang has shown up in a lot of DC media. They have become a bit of a go-to criminal organization for a lot of DC animated and television features and while they vary in goals across adaptations, there is always the core name of Intergang, and some recurring members. When it comes to live-action DC adaptations, Intergang has popped up in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and most recently in the Arrowverse, popping up in Supergirl and being mentioned in Arrow. For fans of the DC animated series, Intergang was woven into a number of storylines across Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and in Young Justice.

4 They are indirectly responsible for Vixen's origins

Vixen is a character who, like many heroes, has a tragic past. Vixen's mother was murdered by a member of Intergang, Aku Kwesi. While her original comic origins don't directly connect Kwesi to Intergang, or even really reveal his identity, all of this is later covered in Vixen: Return of the Lion. When Mari McCabe returns to Africa, she encounters Kwesi, and it is revealed that he is funded by Intergang and his own powers are granted through their technology and chemicals. By the end of the arc, it is revealed that major Intergang figure Whisper A'Daire ends up being the head behind the Intergang plot in the story.

3 Their Membership has some major names

Some major figures have been involved with Intergang and while many Intergang-centric characters have grown into major antagonists across a few books, their roster includes some even bigger figures. Among them are villains such as Doctor Moon, Doctor Sivana, Magpie, Prankster, Toyman, and Ventriloquist. These characters may not be Justice League-tier villains most days, but they are significant enemies of heroes all over the DC Universe. Unsurprisingly, quite a few of this roster includes Gothamites. But, the largest name among the gang, outside of those Apokoliptians, is none other than Lex Luthor.

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2 Lex Luthor once ran the show

Lex Luthor once took over Intergang and is considered the fifth leader of the organization. When Morgan edge attempted to regain control of the organization and failed, Lex Luthor took over. But, smartly, as one would expect from Lex Luthor, he used Boss Moxie as the figurehead of the organization (Adventures of Superman #552). It didn't seem to last for long, apparently. Superman eventually took down Intergang and Lex seemed to have washed his hands of the group. From then, until the New 52 launch, Intergang was lead by Frank Sixty.

1 They follow a religion of crime

The Crime Bible was a text that was used by Intergang as part of the formation of a Religion of Crime in the pages of DC's 52. Consisting of biblical tales skewed to celebrate sin, violence, and crime, Bruno Mannheim used the book to build up a following of faithful criminals in an attempt to turn Gotham City into an Apokoliptian-like hellscape. Part of the attempt would have involved the sacrifice of Batwoman, but the Question and Nightwing were able to stop this plot.

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