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The Saiyan Prince: 15 Things Vegeta Can Do That Goku Can’t

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The Saiyan Prince: 15 Things Vegeta Can Do That Goku Can’t

When it comes down to who’s the strongest Saiyan, it’s not really a contest, Goku clearly wins. Goku constantly surpasses Vegeta, achieving new forms and power levels before the prince of Saiyans can catch up. He’s not the only one, either, since Gohan reached Super Saiyan 2 long before Vegeta could achieve the form. Being constantly surpassed by others never fails to wound Vegeta’s infamous Saiyan pride, especially since he’s the Saiyan prince. But, Vegeta never gives up, and he’s always trying to improve himself; always finding ways to train harder and get stronger. Despite the fact that Goku constantly leaves him in the dust power-wise, there is quite a bit that Vegeta has over his long-time rival.

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In fact, Vegeta outclasses Goku in quite a few categories, just not necessarily in power and strength. Vegeta’s upbringing and past is quite a bit different to Goku’s, and thus they have acquired different skills and knowledge over the years. Fast forward a bit, and Vegeta seems to have settled into at least some form of balanced lifestyle, thinking of his family as well as his training. Goku is always depicted as being stronger than Vegeta, but here are 15 things that Vegeta can do that Goku fails at.


Before we get into this one, we’re not saying Goku is stupid. In fact, despite the fact that he is often depicted and seen as a complete dunce, Goku is actually pretty smart in a lot of respects, including his improvisation in battle and how easily he makes friends. That said, Goku is air-headed, naive and has never been formally schooled. At first glance, Vegeta appears to be a lot smarter than Goku.

Not only is he less naive and more well spoken (gotta love that slight British accent) but we can also assume he’s had some form of education. Though the Saiyans were a ruthless warrior race, the fact that Vegeta was a Prince means he was groomed to be the best of the best, and maybe this included some kind of academic education. Aside from that, Vegeta has been shown to be far more worldly than Goku.


Goku might be a prodigy when it comes to copying other fighters’ moves, but Vegeta developed his own move set, another mark of his intelligence. One of Vegeta’s many signature moves is the Galick Gun, a massive purple ki attack that Goku has never performed. The move requires a unique hand movement and charge up stance before the stored power is released in a massive wave of energy.

Vegeta has used the Galick Gun in nearly every major battle of Dragon Ball Z and its effectiveness rivals that of the kamehameha. Plus, even though Goku’s kamehameha has overpowered Vegeta’s Galick Gun at times, Goku cannot claim the power move as his own, while Vegeta can. Plus, Galick Gun just sounds a lot cooler, doesn’t it?


Goku’s strength in a fight, aside from his actual power, comes from his ability to think on his feet and come up with a plan in the middle of the battle. This is a handy skill to have, but it derives from the fact that Goku doesn’t really come up with a plan before a fight, he usually just dives in headfirst. Vegeta on the other hand was trained from birth to be a skilled fighter, and part of that manifests in his ability to form a battle strategy before the fight.

Vegeta has a plan of attack whenever he heads into a throw-down; when the fight doesn’t go his way, he always has something up his sleeve. Vegeta’s ability to strategize for a fight has given him the edge over stronger opponents and even led Piccolo to call him a fighting genius during the android saga.


Another one of Vegeta’s original ki moves is the Big Bang Attack, and it is, in a word, awesome. The attack, as the name implies, results in a big bang, or more accurately, a huge explosion followed by mushroom cloud. After charging up his ki, Vegeta shoots an energy orb that explodes on impact with great force. This is a ruthlessly powerful move that the kind-hearted Goku has never utilized, except, of course, when he and Vegeta were fused as Vegito.

The Big Bang Attack, on top of being another original move created by Vegeta, shows yet another unique skill of the Saiyan Prince, giving things cool names. We’re kidding of course, but how awesome of a name is “Big Bang Attack”? It sure beats any one of Goku’s moves.


When Goku was young, in the days of Dragon Ball, he would turn into a giant ape monster whenever he looked at the moon’s light. We would later come to find that this is an ability shared by all Saiyans, one that is connected to their tails. It is caused by “blutz waves,” energy that is absorbed through the eyes that combines with glands in their tails, triggering the Great Ape transformation.

A planet’s moon is a natural source a Blutz Waves, which is why Goku had no control of his ape transformation as a child; the same goes for Gohan. But, not only was Vegeta trained to maintain his rationality in his Great Ape form, he is also able to transform at will. In the Saiyan Saga, Vegeta was able to transform into a great ape by creating a blutz-wave orb that served as a false moon.


Vegeta’s third signature move follows suit with the other two, it’s insanely powerful and has an awesome name. The final flash attack, never once used by Goku, uses charged up energy to shoot a golden beam at Vegeta’s target. To perform this move, Vegeta must first gather up energy by spreading his arms and legs outward while airborne. After the energy is charged, the final flash can be released to destructive results.

Like his other signature attacks, Final Flash is meant to be as destructive as its name implies, part of Vegeta’s ruthlessness in battle. Vegeta created this move while training in the hyperbolic time chamber, using it to vaporize Cell’s head and torso. It was later used in the Universe 7 saga of Dragon Ball Super against Auta Magetta’s lava spit.


Almost every one of Vegeta’s attacks is intended to be lethal on a massive scale. This is because Vegeta, being the prince of all Saiyans, is a ruthless warrior. Though he has become much less ruthless toward innocents, Vegeta still has his Saiyan fighting instinct, a desire for battle that drives him to finish off his opponents once they are defeated. Granted, this might not be something to brag about, but it’s something that Vegeta has over Goku.

It’s actually something that Goku could really use from time to time. Goku often spares his enemies, which is the reason that so many villains of the series became allies, but it’s also had disastrous effects. Goku kept Frieza alive and even gave Cell some senzu beans, and given the same situation, Vegeta would have just killed them, ridding the world of their tyranny.


Vegeta’s ruthlessness is what made him a great Saiyan warrior and a high-ranking member of Frieza’s army. Before he became the lovably stubborn “family man” he is now, Vegeta worked as a planet conquerer for Frieza, travelling to alien worlds and obliterating its inhabitants. Though the Saiyans were victims of the Galactic Frieza Force themselves, Vegeta took his position in stride, easily conquering planets alongside Nappa.

Goku was sent to Earth to do the same, but, due to a head injury, he forgot his warrior instincts and failed to take over the planet. Vegeta, however, has conquered a great number of planets for Frieza. Yes, he did it with the help of Nappa, but we can’t imagine it would be difficult for the prince of Saiyans to do it on his own.


Vegeta is always trying to get stronger, especially if it means surpassing Goku. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta shows he’s better at negotiating than Goku. While Goku was busy holding up his family’s radish farm, Vegeta was training with Whis for six months. How did he manage to convince Whis to train him? Well, it’s kind of silly, but it still shows how good of a negotiator Vegeta can be.

Whis and Beerus enjoy a good meal, making friends with the Z-fighters and company because Earth has such good food. Vegeta uses this to his advantage and shares top ramen with Whis in exchange for being trained by him. Since Whis is Beerus’ teacher, this is a great training opportunity, one that Goku does not join in on right away. In fact, Goku barely puts any effort into asking Whis to train him, relying on Goten’s help for part of it.


Vegeta would be seen as a terrible father by most standards, but when compared to Goku, he’s a lot better, especially since he’s come such a far way. Goku’s parenting method is either being absent for years while dead or putting his sons through rigorous training sessions and fights, going so far as to pit Cell against Gohan seemingly for the hell of it.

Vegeta on the other hand turned out to be a great father, more or less. In the Buu saga, Vegeta spends way more time with his kids than Goku does, being dead and all. Later in Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta actually refused to fight in the Tournament of Power because Bulma was about to give birth to his daughter. A daughter, we might add, that he was very attentive to, changing her and going Super Saiyan Blue whenever someone upset her.


One of the things that makes Vegeta such a good family man, in comparison to Goku that is, is that he can keep a promise. Fans of Dragon Ball might recall all the times that Goku said he was going to do something for Chi-Chi and then completely bailed. Vegeta on the other hand has been shown to keep his promises, for a while at least.

In the beginning of the Buu Saga, Vegeta is training with Trunks and promises to take his son to the amusement part if he can land a hit on him. Trunks does exactly that and later in Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta joins his family on a vacation, fulfilling his promise to his son. That’s more than we can say for Goku, who only thinks of training.


Sometime after the Cell saga, Vegeta and Bulma got married, and he’s a much better husband than Goku. For one thing, he actually kisses his wife, unlike Goku who had no idea what kissing was, as we found out in Dragon Ball Super. He also goes through a lot to protect Bulma and her honor, going Super Saiyan 2 after Beerus slapped his wife, the resulting rage making him strong enough to go toe to toe with the god of destruction.

We already mentioned that Vegeta stayed by Bulma’s side when she was pregnant, but that’s not all. He was also devastated when Buu killed his family, showing just how much he loved them, and he proves that love by doing everything he can for her and Trunks as time progresses.


Well… maybe not breakfast at least. Vegeta might have flubbed his “famous omelette” when trying to convince Whis to train him, but he is seen having some culinary skill, something Goku has never been shown doing. In both Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta made Takoyaki balls (deep-fried octopus) for Beerus and Whis to prevent the God of Destruction from ruining Bulma’s party.

Though Takoyaki isn’t exactly a gourmet meal, it still requires a lot of skill. Goku has never once shown the ability to cook at any skill level, so at least Vegeta can take care of himself. Then again, it’s not like Vegeta really needs to cook, since his wife is rich and most likely has an entire cooking staff dedicated to entirely to Vegeta and his Saiyan appetite.


Speaking of Bulma’s wealth, that’s another thing that Vegeta has that Goku doesn’t. Goku’s family income comes from their radish crops, a farm that Goku has to work on and tend to constantly. Meanwhile, Vegeta can use all his free time to train since his wife is loaded. Bulma is the heir to the Capsule Corp. fortune, contributing to the company’s wealth with her own inventions.

As her husband, Vegeta is privy to this massive wealth and gets to live the high life because of it. Meanwhile, Goku and his family still live in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere. Vegeta mostly utilizes Bulma’s wealth to feed himself and train, using the gravity chamber she built and probably racking up a huge food bill.


Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyans. He loves to remind everyone, including himself, of this fact. Whenever his pride is wounded or his power questioned, Vegeta makes a speech, out loud or in his head, that usually includes “I am the prince of all Saiyans…” Though he tends to overstate this fact a bit, it’s true, and its something he has over Goku.

Goku might surpass Vegeta in strength, but Vegeta holds domain over his rival; that is, if their planet and people were still around. In fact, with his father’s death, Vegeta is actually the king of all Saiyans, meaning he has even more political power over Goku. Of course, at the end of the day, Vegeta’s royalty doesn’t really do anything besides give him a big head at times.

What do you think? Do thee reasons make Vegeta a better character than Goku? Let us know in the comments!

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