Things That Turned Out Bad - That Time the Greek Gods Fought Jesus as Part of a Comic Book Crossover

In this column, I will spotlight plotlines by writers that probably weren't a good idea at the time and have only become more problematic in retrospect. I'll try to stick with stuff that's more ill-conceived than flat-out offensive (like racist stereotypes of characters during the 1940s).

Today we look at a strange crossover between two Rob Liefeld creations, Glory and Avengelyne, that involves the Greek gods getting pissed at Christianity...

To set the scene, know that Avengelyne is, in effect, an angel. She was based on the likeness of Cathy Christian, who was often dressed up as Vampirella for events and covers and stuff like that.

She was invented by Rob Liefeld in 1995 for his independent Maximum Press comic book company.

Glory is a half-Amazon/half-demon. She first appeared in 1993 in Liefeld's Youngblood Strikefile at Image. She later had her own series at Image in 1995.

In 1995, the two teamed up for the first time at Image...

as well as Maximum Press...

Then, in 1996, they had another team-up. This time, it was just at Maximum Press...

The story, dubbed the Godyssey, was written by Rob Liefeld and Robert Napton and drawn by Ed Benes, Michael Chang and a bunch of inkers.

The comic opens with Avengelyne having a premonition that Zeus and the Greek gods are upset with Christianity since no one worships the Greek gods any more. Her premonition takes the form of a dream of Jesus on the cross...

(Click on the above double-page spread to enlarge it...if you dare!)

Now do note - this is a DREAM. This did not ACTUALLY happen in the comic. I suspect that that was something that occurred to the creators after the fact, as it seems kind of out of place as "just" a dream, but to be fair, they clearly DO state in the comic that it is a dream. However, as a premonition it is on point as Zeus IS pissed and it is up to Avengelyne and Glory to stop this war between the Greek gods and the angels of heaven before things went too nuts.

In any event, as you can see, this was not a good idea. And it has only grown sillier as the years have gone by. That said, this is likely not even in the top five worst things that Ed Benes has drawn, so that's something at least!

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