10 Things That The Fantastic Four Will Add To The MCU

With the absence of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers becoming increasingly apparent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many have speculated the direction that Marvel's films will be taking moving forward. With the discussion of integrating the Fantastic Four becoming more and more relevant, it seems like it's only a matter of time until they make their first appearance in the MCU. However, the introduction of the Fantastic Four doesn't merely guarantee that we'll see the team's core roster, but many other elements associated with the team as well.Without further ado, here are 10 things that the Fantastic Four will bring to the MCU (besides the team itself).

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10 Doctor Doom

One due to the issue of copyright, we've gone the entire duration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe without one of the most iconic supervillains of all time: Victor Von Doom. In a post Endgame MCU, the need for major antagonist is greater than ever, as Thanos's looming presence is no longer with us. This is the perfect opportunity for Marvel to introduce Doom as a major antagonist who doesn't hail from the outer reaches of space, but rather a powerful individual from Earth.

9 Galactus

All memes aside, the term "Avengers Level Threat" has been thrown around a lot recently in the wake of Spider-Man: Far From Home. If there is a major character in Marvel's catalogue of characters who exemplifies this description, it is Galactus: the Devourer of Worlds. If his title does not spell it out, this is a being who is sustained by devouring entire planets, traversing the universe for planets to satiate his hunger. As Marvel's most powerful and intimidating villains are concerned, Galactus is one whom is sure to make a huge impact on the MCU.

8 The Silver Surfer

While the Silver Surfer is a character synonymous with Galactus, the role of harbinger is not the only position that Norrin Radd has held in Marvel Comics. Following his employment with Galactas, the Silver Surfer takes to the stars, becoming both an epitomized voice of the 60's and an integral member of the "Cosmic Marvel." Seeing the astounding success that Marvel Studios has had in integrating the intergalactic aspects of their universe, it only makes sense to include the Surfer in these space-centric adventures once the Fantastic Four make their way into the MCU.

7 Super Skrull

With the Skrulls already introduced and implimented into the MCU, once the Fantastic Four are present, the introduction of Super Skrull is nothing short of inevitable. While at this point, the Skrulls are being portrayed as allies of our heroes, things could easily change as time progresses. As a character capable of using the powers of each member of the Fantastic Four, Super Skrull could easily serve as an early villain for the team to face off against, as it would quickly establish their connection to the rest of the MCU.

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6 Developing Spidey

Being based in New York, throughout Marvel's History, the Fantastic Four have had numerous run ins with Peter Parker. Spider-Man has also notably been a member of the Fantastic Four in the past, hilariously donning the identity of the "Bombastic Bag Man." While the likelihood of seeing the "Bombastic Bag Man" on the silver screen is highly unlikely, we still like to dream.

In all seriousness, interactions between Peter Parker and the Fantastic Four could yield great results and help to develop both parties. By juxtaposing the young Spidey with another group of heroes who have not been around the MCU for very long, there will be a lot of chances to develop a compelling dynamic Peter and the Fantastic Four.

5 Advances in Space

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has greatly expanded upon its intergalactic sector, the "Cosmic Marvel," aside from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the interstellar Marvel and the heroes on Earth have been largely disconnected to one and other. However, the Fantastic Four are notable as a team who spend both a great deal of their time on our blue planet as well as across the stars dealing with problems off world. Once they are introduced into the MCU, the Fantastic Four could serve as a catalyst and bridge that connects the happenings of the "Cosmic Marvel" and those that are homebound.

4 Mole Man

As a character who has never appeared in a feature length film, there's a lot of potential for Mole Man in the MCU. As a long time villain and nemesis of The Fantastic Four, the character of Mole Man is one that has the versatility to be either hilarious or terrifying. One of the first villains to encounter the Fantastic Four, Moleman commands a subterranean army of creatures that dwell beneath the earth, that if used in large enough quantities, could easily qualify as an "Avengers level threat."

3 Namor

As one of Marvel's premier heroes in the early 1940's, Namor the Submariner has frequently served as hero and adversary to the Fantastic Four across the team's history. With the Fantastic Four's integration into the MCU, the chances of seeing Namor are getting progressively larger. Namor's character brings a great deal of versatility to the table, as unlike many of the more black and white characters currently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Submariner can be implemented as either an ally or villain.

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2 She-Hulk

One of the most powerful women in Marvel comics, once the Fantastic Four are brought into the MCU, it's only a matter of time before audiences are introduced to Jennifer Waters, She-Hulk. The cousin on Avengers mainstay, Bruce Banner, She-Hulk spent a significant amount of time in the comics as a member of the Fantastic Four. While Jen is much more than just her relation to Banner and her past membership of the Fantastic Four, these two elements would be a perfect way to segue the character into a prominent role  in the MCU.

1 Filling the Void



As much as we hate to admit it, the hole left by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in the MCU will be nearly impossible to fill. However, that doesn't mean that it is time to give up hope. As the heart and soul of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would be impossible to truly replace Iron Man and Cap, and Marvel Studios shouldn't even try to. Instead, they must move forward, propelling themselves forward into uncharted territory and explore new stories and ideas with a team that isn't the Avengers. A team like the Fantastic Four.

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