25 Things That Make No Sense About Thanos

Thanos has been looming over the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a decade now. He has pulled strings that caused problems for both The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy and finally made his long-awaited attack in Avengers: Infinity War. Not only did he attack but he decimated the Marvel Cinematic Universe, throttled Earth's mightiest heroes and then wiped out half the universe. Fans of the comics were not surprised at the damage left in the wake of the Mad Titan, but at the end of the day, Thanos made villains like Loki, Ego, Hela and Ronan look very week in comparison.

While Thanos is sitting pretty right now, his plan a complete success and the heroes of the Marvel Universe beaten and broken, retribution will come for the heroes one way or another. If there is one thing that Marvel Comics fans know about Thanos, it is that he will fall eventually. That is where the problems lie. For someone as overpowered and scary as Thanos is, there are so many things about him that flies in the face of the villain he portrays. While Thanos made an amazing first impression to both the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the fans who loved the movie, here are 25 things that make no sense about Thanos -- from both the comic books and the movies.

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Thanos will lose in Avengers: Endgame. That is really not up for debate and is just an obvious statement for anyone who is familiar with movies -- superhero or otherwise. The good guys will end up winning in the end, and even if Avengers: Infinity War ended with Thanos coming out on top, that was only part of the overall story. The question is -- how will Thanos lose?

That answer comes straight from the comic books and is something that makes no sense about Thanos. See, while many heroes and villains have obvious weaknesses, such as Superman's weakness to kryptonite, Thanos' weakness is himself. In the comics, Thanos believes he is unworthy of the powers the Infinity Stones give him so he often loses because he does not feel he deserves to win.



Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He proved that when he beat up Hulk so bad that the Big Green Goliath took his ball and went home -- refusing to come back out and play when Earth needed him most. With that much power, it seems very strange to know how much Thanos relies on other people to get things done.

Over the Marvel movies, Thanos has sent Loki to try to conquer Earth with the Chitauri. He sent his own adopted daughter Nebula with Ronan to do his dirty work in Guardians of the Galaxy. He sent the Black Order to Earth first to try to take down the heroes to make things easier on himself. Maybe it does make sense and Thanos is just working smarter and not harder. Or, maybe Thanos is just lazy and doesn't want to do anything until he realizes someone else won't do it for him.


One argument about the climax of Avengers: Infinity War was that the movie made Thanos look like the hero by the end. The movie concluded with Thanos not only winning but sitting happily with what appears to be the spirit of Gamora as a child asking if he succeeded. When it comes to making a character into a hero, it is important to show their good side.

While it makes no sense to consider Thanos as a hero, there was that moment early in the movie where he showed an affinity for a young Gamora. The fact that this happened at the same moment that Thanos had his army slaughter half of Gamora's people -- including her family -- is not the point here. The fact is that Thanos showed care for this child and even shielded her from the violence. If anything, Thanos loves orphans.


Fans of the movies who don't read comic books might not understand this, but in the Infinity Gauntlet comic book storyline, Thanos was not really looking at doing something good -- he was trying to impress a woman. It wasn't just any woman that Thanos was trying to impress either -- it was the character of Death. Thanos fell in love with Death and wanted to win her over by destroying things.

However, even Death found Thanos' actions disgusting. In an interesting turn, Death wanted Thanos nowhere near her by the end and banned him from ever entering her realm. This meant -- at the end of the day -- that Death made Thanos immortal because he can never perish and pass into Death's realm.


Nebula made some surprising revelations in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. While fighting with Gamora, Nebula admitted that she only wanted a sister throughout their entire relationship but Gamora only wanted to be the best at everything. Then Nebula admitted that everytime that Gamora won in one of their contests, Thanos would torture her by removing part of her body and replacing it with something mechanical.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos admitted that there was one thing in the universe that he really cared about and that was Gamora. However, much like Gamora, he took Nebula as a child as well and raised both. It seems strange that Thanos loved Gamora as a daughter but did nothing but torture Nebula -- who in turn was faithful to Thanos. Thanos turned her into a walking zombie in the comics, making one wonder how he could love one child so much and be so despicable to his second child.


Starfox MCU Eros Thanos' brother

Thanos seems like someone who takes responsibility for his actions and someone who likes to make sure that everyone knows how powerful and omnipotent he really is. That makes the fact that he loves to play the blame game make no sense. Now, there has never been any mention of Thanos' brother Starfox on the big screen so the Marvel Cinematic Universe has little fear of seeing Thanos blaming his brother for all his actions.

For those who don't read the comics, Starfox is Eros -- the brother of Thanos. Starfox is light and love compared to Thanos' dark and destructive tendencies. There was one point in the comics where Thanos was called to testify in a case against Starfox -- whose powers make him very predatory -- and he claimed that his brother caused him to be a bad guy, which makes no sense for a character who had never apologized for any of his actions before.


25 Things That Make No Sense About Thanos

When it comes to things that make no sense about Thanos, him giving a young Gamora a merry Christmas has to top the list. First, no matter how much Thanos claims to love Gamora as his stolen daughter, him celebrating Christmas with a tree and a doll as a Christmas present is just wrong on too many levels. Plus, what would a Mad Titan who is training Gamora to be the ultimate weapon give her as a gift? A doll might be last on the list.

Finally, they are celebrating an Earth-born holiday far across the universe. Ignore the true meaning of Christmas for a minute and realize that the secular celebration of Christmas trees and presents are  Earth traditions and neither Thanos nor Gamora should have any idea about the holiday -- much less celebrate it.


thanos thanos squirrel girl

Thanos beat up Hulk so bad that the Green Goliath refused to show his face again for the rest of Avengers: Infinity War. He took out both Loki and Heimdall. He fought Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy and held them off almost single-handily. He even took Thor to the limit and proved to be stronger than even the God of Thunder.

Squirrel Girl beat Thanos in a fight. It wasn't a clone either. Uatu, the Watcher, even told her that it was the one true Thanos that Squirrel Girl beat in the fight. This happened in GLX-Mas Special #1 and it was just one of many people that Squirrel Girl beat over her impressive career. Of course, she admitted that Tippy-Toe helped her in the fight, but still -- this makes absolutely no sense.


Lee Pace as Ronan

Thanos is someone who likes to delegate his work to others. However, for someone who is as powerful and omnipotent as the Mad Titan, he has a really poor track record when it comes to minions. Look at the first Avengers movie where he put his faith in Loki to invade Earth. Loki had a giant army behind him and not only lost but he lost one of the Infinity Stones in the process. Then Loki betrayed Thanos at the start of Avengers: Infinity War.

Moving on to Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos started out by trusting Gamora -- who betrayed him to take one of the Infinity Stones and keep it away from him. He also trusted Ronan the Accuser who snapped the neck of Thanos' right hand, The Other, and then betrayed Thanos when he took an Infinity Stone to try to destroy Xandar. Thanos has a really poor track record with his minions.


There was one moment in the first Avengers movie that made no sense at all whatsoever. Thanos had the ultimate goal of getting together all the Infinity Stones and then placing them in the Infinity Gauntlet in order to wipe out half the universe. This was his endgame all along. That made his move with Loki make absolutely no sense. Thanos wanted the Space Stone, which was in the Tesseract.

Thanos sent Loki to Earth with the Chitauri to retrieve it and bring Earth to its knees as a bonus. To help Loki get this Infinity Stone which Thanos so desperately desired, he gave Loki the scepter that contained the Mind Stone. If Thanos wanted to collect all the Infinity Stones, why did he give one of them to Loki -- only hoping he would succeed in bringing it back with the second one. It makes no sense and Thanos lost one he already had without gaining another.



Thanos and Gamora were on the planet of Vormir as Thanos searched out the Soul Stone. In a surprising moment, Avengers: Infinity War showed that the Red Skull was still alive and his punishment for trying to steal the power of an Infinity Stone was to remain on Vormir as a guardian to the Soul Stone. The only way to gain access to it was to give up something that a being loved more than anything else.

Gamora laughed at Thanos because she knew that he loved nothing in the world and there was nothing that he could trade for the Soul Stone. That is when Thanos threw a twist into his story and completely threw Gamora for a loop. He admitted that there was one thing that he did love -- and it was his stolen daughter Gamora, who he then sacrificed for the Soul Stone. With everything Thanos did to hurt Gamora over her life, this revelation made very little sense.


25 Things That Make No Sense About Thanos

Thanos is truly the black sheep in his family. He was the son of A'Lars, who was an Eternal living on Titan. He was born with Deviant Syndrome, which gave him purple skin and a giant body. However, despite this appearance, he was accepted and cared for and became one of the smartest and most promising children on Titan. His goal was to become a scientist like his father. It makes little sense that he became a genocidal, homicidal maniac.

However, small things in his life changed him. His own mother tried to take his life when he was born due to his appearance. He survived that. Then, when he went on a trip to some caves, his friends were slain by creatures that Thanos previously refused to harm them when they first encountered them. He later sought vengeance, slaughtered the creatures, and realized that he loved that part of him, turning him into the monster.


Avengers Infinity War Thanos Snap

Despite all the civilizations that he has slaughtered and despite the fact that, at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos snapped his finger and ended the life of half of the universe, he claims to do so out of peace. Thanos became the villain of this story due to his home planet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe refusing to listen to him when it came to survival despite lessening resources.

Thanos realized that the only way to survive was to eliminate living creatures so that the existing resources would be plentiful to sustain life for everyone. This started out violently, with Thanos' army slaughtering half the citizens on planets, but he claimed it was all in an attempt to seek peace and longevity for all civilizations.


Thanos Stark

When Thanos was on the Asgardian ship, he ravaged everyone there. This happened despite there being some very powerful hard hitters on that ship. He came out as the victor easily over men like Hulk, Thor, Heimdall, Loki and Valkyrie. So, if he had no trouble beating those heroes quickly and decisively, why did he have so much trouble fighting the other Earth heroes.

He struggled in his fight with Spider-Man. Honestly, he beat up Hulk so bad that he turned him into a coward who refused to fight. Yet, when he faced a teenager with the powers of a spider, he struggled to win. Star-Lord has no powers and just regular weapons, yet he gave Thanos a run for his money. Thanos won the fight, but why was it so hard at his power level -- and with the Infinity Stones?


Thanos is the hero in his own story and believes that what he is doing is for the greater good. According to the Mad Titan, if he eliminates half of the universe, the rest of the survivors will have more resources and a better life in the end. He may be slaughtering millions of beings, but he is doing it to help improve the lives of millions of beings in the meantime.

This makes no sense. Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, which is almost all-powerful. It can do just about anything. Why would Thanos set out to make the universe a better place by slaughtering so many beings when he could just as easily use his powers for good -- increasing resources, creating new power sources, and making life better in a positive manner? He claims to be doing a good thing, but he seems to be more interested in destruction.


When Thanos was aboard the Asgardian spacecraft at the start of Avengers: Infinity War, he battled Hulk just for fun. When someone thought they should help Thanos, his own minions told them that he was just toying with Hulk. Thanos proved that when he blocked a Hulk punch and then proceeded to knock the Green Goliath silly. He hit Hulk so hard that he was scared to show his face again for the rest of the movie.

After this happened, Heimdall -- because he can see everything in the past, present and future -- used his powers to send Hulk to Earth via Bifrost. What makes no sense is why Thanos let this happen. Thanos had the Power Stone, which he proved could shut down Doctor Strange's gateway to the Mirror Dimension. Couldn't he have done the same to Bifrost?


Benicio Del Toro as the Collector

The answer to this one is likely because the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not the same as the Marvel Comics world. See, in Marvel Comics, The Collector is one of the Elders of the Universe. He had lived for billions of years and was one of the most powerful aliens in existence along with his brother The Grandmaster. With that in mind, there should have been no way that Thanos could have ended his life as he did with only two Infinity Stones at the time.

While that makes no sense, there is probably the argument that the Collector in the MCU is not an Elder of the Universe like the one in the comics. This is probably true since The Grandmaster was obviously very different than his Elder of the Universe counterpart in Thor: Ragnarok. Quite likely, the MCU just made the brothers aliens because otherwise, it makes no sense that Thanos could take either of them out.


Thanos was on board the Asgardian ship and did a lot to shut down Thor. He took the life of both Loki and Heimdall. He beat up Hulk so bad that the green guy refused to come out to fight again when the battle came to Earth. Somewhere along the way, he took out the Nova Corps to get the Power Stone and then took out the Collector as well. Obviously, he is one of the strongest men in the universe.

That is why it makes no sense that Thanos showed up to battle the heroes on Earth and then had so much trouble when he went to fight Captain America. If Thanos can beat the heck out of the Hulk and laugh off all Hulk's punches, why is Captain America strong enough to hold him off when he had more Infinity Stones than he did to start off with? Maybe Cap is nobler than Thanos but in a fist fight, he shouldn't have stood a chance.


Thanos in Infinity War

Thanos is trying to save people. He wants to help people live better lives. He wants to make the world a better place. He is a good man who has to do bad things -- in his own mind. It seems crazy to think about it. Thanos wants to make a planet a better place so he takes his army to that planet and slaughters half of the people there. Possibly, in his own mind, he believes that over time the people will appreciate what he did and just forget that he ended the lives of their loved ones in the process.

It was clear on both the Asgardian ship and on Earth itself when his minions told the people that they had Thanos to thank for these gifts -- before slaughtering even more innocents. It makes no sense because there is no way that Thanos can claim to have empathy for people when he has no problem slaughtering millions of them.


Chitauri in The Avengers

In the first Avengers movie, Thanos sent the Chitauri with Loki to gain access to an Infinity Stone and to possibly lay ravage to Earth in the process. They did a pretty good job at first, but then the Avengers -- a team of humans mixed with one god -- defeated this entire massive army of aliens and sent them back to where they came from. Even the most human members in Hawkeye and Black Widow dealt damage.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos sent his Outriders to attack Earth's mightiest heroes. While this battle was much larger in scope and Earth needed many more heroes to battle them, they still were overmatched in the end until Thanos himself showed up to seal the deal. For someone with so much power, why does Thanos choose such inadequate armies to represent him?


Thanos is a smart guy. He was battling a number of heroes on Titan. Among them were the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Spider-Man. The fight was going well, and the heroes actually could have beaten Thanos if not for the stupidity of Peter Quill, who ruined everything. However, just when it looked like Thanos was about to end the life of Iron Man, Doctor Strange stepped in.

Strange offered Thanos a deal. He gave the Mad Titan the Time Stone if he would allow Iron Man to live. See, Strange saw all the possible futures and knew that Iron Man was needed for any chance to win. Thanos took the deal and let Iron Man live. Why? Thanos was winning. All he needed to do was take the Time Stone from Strange and then wipe out his enemies to protect his vision of the future.


Old-school marvel Comics likes to add in some things that were very goofy -- at least when looking back on them today. One of these things included Thanos flying a helicopter. it wasn't just a helicopter -- but it was one that had his name written on it. And he was trying to get away from Hellcat, of all people. That entire idea seems ludicrous with what everyone knows about Thanos.

This happened in Spidey Super Stories #39 and had Thanos battle Spider-Man and Hellcat. Thanos steals the Tesseract and goes on the run in his Thanos-helicopter. He then ends up defeated by Hellcat, Spider-Man, two police officers and a young child. Now, this comic was based on the old Electric Company Spider-Man appearances, so that explains it, but the entire story makes no sense at all.


Marvel likes to cheat sometimes when it comes to major characters so that they can face defeat but then return later with an excuse already in place. There is no better excuse for Thanos than the fact that Marvel has used the idea of clones over and over again throughout the years. Honestly, Marvel has used this gimmick so many times with Thanos that superheroes are never sure if they really won or not because of all the clones they have faced of the Mad Titan.

This makes little sense because Thanos is all-powerful. Thanos doesn't need to cheat to win. He doesn't need to send a clone out to trick the heroes. While Thanos never really believed he was worthy for the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, he never once acted like he was lesser than any hero he faced, so using a clone takes away a lot of the boasts that he is omnipotent.



When Avengers: Infinity War started, Thanos was aboard the ship of surviving Asgardians for one very big reason. He wanted the Space Stone and he knew that it was aboard that ship. As he ravaged the Asgardians, beat the snot out of the Hulk and ended the life of the mighty Heimdall, it looked like Loki was going to do what Loki does -- betray everyone and turn sides to join Thanos.

However, Loki was heroic at the end and tried to take out Thanos -- but failed and perished as well. With the Asgardians slaughtered, Heimdall and Loki falling to Thanos, and even Hulk beaten up and blasted back to Earth, the Mad Titan chose to let King Thor live -- which made no sense. Why would he leave the King of the Asgardians alive after slaughtering his loved ones in front of him? It is almost like he wanted to make sure that there were beings strong enough to stop him left alive.


Thanos Soul World Avengers-Infinity War

Thanos destroyed half the universe. People all over the cosmos lost half of their citizenship, half of their loved ones and friends, and then Thanos went to his home and sat down to watch a sunset. He then told Gamora he lost everything to complete his mission but he succeeded and now he appeared to be ready to live happily ever after.

Thanos is the hero in his own mind. He believes he saved all these planets from overpopulation and now they can all live better with more resources per person and they should possibly thank him. This is either shortsighted or just stupid because there is no way that he can think he can live peacefully without legions of heroes coming for him. If Thanos really believes his journey is finished, he is more naive than any being of his power should be.

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