Things Heat Up in New Trailer For Doctor Who Christmas Special

Many Christians observe Advent as a countdown to Christmas, often kept track of by way of a calendar sometimes filled with goodies. Whovians have something similar called The Adventure Calendar on the BBC website, which reveals a new delight for Doctor Who fans each day leading up to Dec. 25, which also happens to be when the annual Christmas episode debuts.

Wednesday's installment included the new trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. As you can see, the episode, called "The Snowmen," features the Doctor and his new companion Clara facing off against the evil wintery monsters created by Doctor Simeon. What might be more interesting, however, is that smooch shared between the Doctor and Clare toward the end of the trailer. Is that a diversionary tactic or something more?

While mulling all that over, check out today's portion of the Adventure Calendar, which offers "Snowmen" greeting cards that you can download, print and mail to your friends and family. If you're not the snail-mail type, you can also make them your desktop wallpaper or email them around.

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