Things Get Heavy Single-Take Trailer For Alfonso Cuarón's 'Gravity'

He's done Dickens, tales of sexual awakening, magical kids and dystopian futures, so what's next for director Alfonso Cuarón? The long-gestating Gravity, which pits two astronauts against the vastness of space after their ship is destroyed. From what we've seen, the film seems to play on a combination of anxieties, dizzying special effects and gorgeous scenery, all of which are on display in a tense new single-take trailer.

Aspects of the new trailer were seen in the first offering, but this new one is a continuous scene featuring George Clooney's Matt Kowalsky and Sandra Bullock's Dr. Ryan Stone before the collision that sends them tumbling through space.

Cuarón joined fellow directors Edgar Wright and Marc Webb at Comic-Con International for a panel dubbed "The Visionaries," where he discussed the film, noting that what excited him most about the project was "the idea of one single human floating in space, completely alone – then taking that character [and the situation] and turning it into a suspenseful action film with minimal elements."

Gravity, which Cuarón co-wrote with his son Jonás, opens Oct. 4.

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