Things Get Heated in Unused "Batman v Superman" Posters

Though it might be hard to believe considering how much advertising there was leading up to the release of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," not everything made it through the Warner Bros. marketing machine. Over on Reddit, images of two posters that were never used for the movie have come online.

As you can see below, the posters each feature a closeup of one of the title characters. The Superman one see's Kal-El's (Henry Cavill) eyes glowing red as he prepares to fire off a blast of heat vision. He also has a lock of hair curling down over his face, a nod to the character's classic design that (now that I think about it) was largely absent from "BvS."

The Batman (Ben Affleck) poster sees a gritting Bats in his armored gear looking a bit unsure about the battle he just got himself into. Perhaps he's looking directly at the guy in the other poster?

Check out both posters below.

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