Thin wallets, fat bookshelves: SLG's plans for early 2009

Continuing our look at what various publishers have planned for 2009, SLG's Editor-in-Chief Jennifer de Guzman was kind enough to send over some information on what SLG Publishing has planned for the spring.


Strongman by Charles Soule and Alan Gladfelter. The strongman in this case is Tigre, a worn-down Lucha Libre wrestler. He was big the 1970s, but life has been tough ever since. A plea from a woman to fight organ traffickers in Spanish Harlem, though, gives him one last shot at redemption. Kind of like The Wrestler, if Mickey Rourke wore a mask and, um, fought organ traffickers in Spanish Harlem. Check out the trailer below:

Stitch by Tommy Kovac, creator of Skelebunnies and Autumn, also published by SLG, and writer of their Wonderland series back when they had the license from Disney. SLG originally published Stitch in 1998, and this is a reprint for the series' 10th anniversary. About the book, Jennifer said:

In an eerie attic filled with living toys and dolls, one rag doll named Stitch begins to awaken from his cotton-filled amnesia. Why does Granny Pairley keep Stitch and his rag doll cousins captive in the playroom? Did they once have lives outside the attic walls? Taunted by a pair of nasty fairies called the Benders, and menaced by the very stinky Yum-Tum Bear, Stitch finds comfort with Simon, the handsomest of the rag doll boys. Along come the ghastly puppets Voodoo Dolly and Tinybones, leading Stitch through hidden passageways to a dreadful secret room.

SLG has an interview with Kovac up on their website.


April appears to be James Turner month, as SLG releases Rex Libris Volume 2 and Warlord of IO, a collection of shorts "originally published in issues of Rex Libris, our short-lived SLG newsletter and some original works, including 'Hell Lost,' which is set in the version of hell from James Turner's graphic novel Nil," de Guzman said. The main story centers around Jon Jett, a Flash Gordon-like hero "who is unstoppable, unopposable. In this opening adventure, he comes up against the emperor Zing in a fun and funny space adventure with plenty of political commentary tossed in for good measure."

In May, "we are letting the fields lie fallow," de Guzman said. They'll be back in June, though, with a new comic based on the novel Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini. Matthew Shepherd, the writer of Dead Eyes Open, is adapting the novel. Despite the new Diamond benchmarks, de Guzman said they plan to press forward with Captain Blood in comic format.

"That one, we're going to go ahead and press ahead on as a series and it will be out in June," she said. "However, another project that was planned as a series, Winchester, about Sarah Winchester and her house (a local landmark here in San Jose), written by Dan Vado and drawn by Drew Rausch, is still up in the air, format-wise."

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