Thin wallets, fat bookshelves | First Second's Fall 2011 catalog

First Second sent out their latest catalog earlier this month, highlighting all the graphic novels they'll be releasing in the fall. This is the imprint's fifth anniversary, so congrats to Mark Siegel, Gina Gagliano and the rest of the crew for five great years of making awesome graphic novels.

Here's a rundown of what to expect from the publisher later this year:

Americus, by MK Reed and Jonathan Hill: Tim spoke with Reed about this one last year; it's about a teenager fighting to keep his favorite fantasy series on library shelves when it's targeted by "Christian activists." You can read it online here.

Bake Sale, by Sara Varon: Varon's latest is about Cupcake, who makes cupcakes. In addition to being a graphic novel, it also doubles as a cookbook, promising recipes for brownies, raspberry squares and other treats.

Mush!, by Glenn Eichler and Joe Infurnari: Followers of Infurnari's blog first started hearing about this one some time ago, and probably followed along as he shared his creative process. It's kinda amazing to me that he was pretty much done drawing this a year ago, per his blog, but it won't see print until later this year.

I've been a big fan of Joe's stuff for awhile, ever since I first saw The Process, so his name alone is enough to pique my interest. Eichler, meanwhile, co-created the MTV cartoon Daria and now writes for the Colbert Report, so consider at least one copy of this sold.

Nursery Rhyme Comics, by various: Like the title suggests, this is a collection of 50 one- to three-page nursery rhymes by a variety of creators -- Mike Mignola, Lark Pien, Gene Yang, Tony Millionaire, Craig Thompson, James Sturm, Gahan Wilson, Stan Sakai, Vanessa Davis, Kate Beaton, Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez and many, many more.

Orcs: Forged for War, by Stan Nicholls and Joe Flood: Nicholls is the author of a series of books about orcs called, well, Orcs. This is a new story, versus being an adaption of one of his novels. "It follows a ruthless and deadly cohort of warrior orcs as they fight their way free of the dominion of an evil human enchantress," according to the catalog.

Flood, whose work has appeared in the Popgun anthologies, has posted some of his Orcs art (as well as other projects) here. And here's the full cover, which looks impressive in its badassery:

Same Difference, by Derek Kirk Kim: First Second publishes a new "deluxe" version of Kim's debut graphic novel, which I believe earned him a Xeric Grant and an Ignatz award, as well as Eisner and Harvey Award nominations back when it first came out.

Zahra’s Paradise, by Amir and Khalil: This one you may remember from the Eisner nominees list. It's a webcomic First Second has been running for awhile now, about a young protester who disappeared after Iran’s fraudulent elections of 2009 and his family's search for him.

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