Thin wallets, fat bookshelves: Drawn & Quarterly's spring catalog

Having roamed through Fantagraphics' 2010 plans last week, it's time to take a look at Drawn and Quarterly's plans for the coming year, via the Farrar, Straus and Giroux spring catalog. Keep in mind this only covers books and graphic novels, and doesn't list any pamphlets. So I have no idea when the next issue of Big Questions will be out, for example.


Market Day by James Sturm. If you don't count collaborative works like the recent Satchel Paige book and Unstable Molecules, Sturm hasn't produced any comics (at least on his lonesome) since The Golem's Mighty Swing. Like that book, this appears to deal with Judaism, specifically focusing on a Easter European rug-maker who discovers he can no longer provide for his family. 96 page hardcover, $21.95

Indoor Voice by Jillian Tamaki. The co-author of Skim joins the D&Q crowd with this collection of illustrative work and experimental short stories. 64 page paperback, $19.95.


Wilson by Daniel Clowes. Well, here you go. An all-new, all-original graphic novel by Clowes will surely be one of the most anticipated items of 2010. It's about a misanthropic, middle-aged loner who tries to reconnect with his ex-wife only to discover he has a daughter he never knew about before. Awkward shenanigans no doubt ensue. 80 pages, hardcover, $21.95.

Black Blizzard by Yoshihiro Tatsumi. I noted the release of this last week. It's one of Tatsumi's earliest works, a Defiant Ones-type tale about a criminal and cop handcuffed together in the wilderness. I'm looking forward to seeing what his initial Gekiga stuff was like. 144 page paperback, $19.95.

Nancy Vol. 2 by John Stanley. The John Stanley train keeps a-rolling. More Oona Goosepimple stories will be welcome come spring.152 page hardcover, $24.95.

Moomin Book Five by Tove Jansson. Sadly, this is the final volume in the Moomin series, as Jansson left the daily comic strip grind for other artistic pastures. Get your final Moomin kicks while you can. 88 page hardcover, $19.95.

Catland Empire by Keith Jones. I'm not even the least littlest bit familiar with Jones or his work, so I can't say much other than repeat the pr copy, which describes the book as "the melding of a Philip K. Dick novel and a Saturday morning cartoon." That's a promising description. 184 page paperback, $19.95.

The Selves by Sonja Ahlers. Here's something from what I believe is the company's Petit Livres series of small chapbooks. This one focuses on Ahler's collage and watercolor art work. 96 page paperback, $19.95.


Walt and Skeezix Book Four: 1927-1928 by Frank King. Woot! D&Q's collection of Gasoline Alley gets back on track after a few legal problems held it up for a year. That's just good news all around. 400-page hardcover, $34.95.

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