Thin wallets, fat bookshelves | A roundup of publishing news

  • Wildstorm will bring Joe Casey and Dustin Nguyen's WildCATS 3.0 back into print in September.
  • Wildstorm also adds another video game franchise to its publishing line, in the form of Kane & Lynch.
  • Dark Horse had a few items I was unaware of in their latest round of solicitations. There's another Grandville book coming out by Bryan Talbot called Grandville Mon Amour, and Jill Thompson's Scary Godmother books are being collected into one huge "deluxe" edition. Also, the out-of-print Hellboy/Starman/Batman stories by James Robinson, Mike Mignola and many others are being released as a part of the Hellboy trade paperback line. There's lots more, of course, coming from Dark Horse in August, but those jumped out at me as stuff I hadn't heard about or missed when they were announced.
  • NBM will collect Gerard Jones and Mark Badger's Networked: Carabella on the Run in July. This is a webcomic that runs on privacyactivism.org.
  • Artist David Hahn is working with comedian John Roy on a new book for Image Comics.
  • Tyler James, creator of the webcomic Over, is working with Matt Zolman on a new comic called Epic.
  • Sports club bars in a South Auckland, New Zealand will give away an anti "drink-driving" comic by Hicksville creator Dylan Horrocks. "An advantage with the comic medium is that people are more relaxed when they start reading one and you can reach all kinds of people and tell a story of characters making the right choice," the creator said. Via

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