Thin wallets, fat bookshelves | A roundup of publishing news and notes

Teaser | J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Cavallaro, who worked together on The Life and Times of Savior 28, have a new project called Impossible Incorporated in the works.

Graphic novels | Rick Veitch, Ramona Fradon, Michael Netzer and Terry Beatty are providing art for The Adventures of the Unemployed Man by Gan Golan and Erich Origen (Goodnight Bush). "Here they’ve written a retro romp that interprets the current global financial imbroglio into classic deadpan superhero shtick," Veitch writes on his blog. "The writing is quite well done and had me laughing out loud when I first read the script." The book is due out this fall from Little, Brown and Company.

Prose | Robert Kirkman will have a short story in the upcoming zombie-themed Living Dead 2 from Night Shade Books.

History | DC Comics is working with TASCHEN Books on "an ultra-comprehensive, extra large book so impressive, even super heroes may have trouble lifting it," according to DC's The Source blog. 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking will feature more than 1,500 images and essays on the company written by former DC Comics Publisher Paul Levitz.

Comic books | Blackline Comics will publish Assassin & Son: Path of Vengeance, a comic written by the WWE's Shad Gaspard and Mark Copani. Gaspard used to be part of the tag team Cryme Tyme, while Copani wrestled under the name Muhammad Hassan a few years back and was part of quite the controversy on Smackdown.

Adaptations | Pre-order the upcoming Xbox 360 game Singularity from Amazon, and you'll receive the Singularity graphic novel, which features the work of Tom Mandrake, among others.

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