Thin wallets, fat bookshelves | A roundup of publishing news

  • AdHouse will distribute 3X4, by Scott Morse, Lou Romano, Don Shank and Nate Wragg, the guys behind Sex and Science and The Ancient Book of Myth and War. AdHouse describes the book as "a unique collection of paintings built around the simple aesthetic of the numbers 3 and 4. Be it shape, line, texture, or color, this collection dares to boldly add a new perspective to modern art."
  • Per Ross Campbell, the sixth edition of his popular Wet Moon series of graphic novels from Oni Press is now slated to come out next year. "I'll be finished with the book on the same schedule, but Oni has restructured their workflow a bit so their turnaround/build time is longer now, making WM6 most likely a February 2011 release," he wrote.
  • Heidi at the Beat points out that this preview of the London Book Fair by Publishers Weekly reveals that Ben McCool and Billy Tucci are working on a graphic novel adaptation of the film Alexander Nevsky by Russian director Sergei Eisenstein.
  • Jim Rugg will debut a new Rambo minicomic at this weekend's SPACE event.
  • Meathaus has scans of a Charles Burns minicomic called Free Shit "with preview art from an upcoming project of his."
  • Rami Efal has self-published Never Forget, Never Forgive, which was originally serialized on the webcomics collective site ACT-I-VATE. "It is a tragedy taking place in 16th century Japan and is a cross between Kurosawa's Throne of Blood, Sophocles' Antigone, and Lone Wolf and Cub," according to the author.

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