Thin wallets, fat bookshelves | A publishing news roundup

• IDW has announced the street dates for a couple of publishing ventures recently, including the their two Archie collections. The Best of Dan DeCarlo Vol. 1 will hit stores in May, while The Classic Newspaper Comics Vol. 1 will arrive in June.

More notably, the company also announced they would be collecting and releasing Trevor Von Eeden's The Original Johnson, about the life of boxer Jack Johnson, in December. In his recent interview with The Comics Journal, Von Eeden had discussed contract disputes he had been having with co-publisher ComicMix about the work so it's nice to book being completed and in print form.

• According to a press release that seems to be going around town, Fantagraphics and Supermen! editor (and former Fanta employee) Greg Sadowski will be working together on a series of seven collections of Golden Age comics. They are: Setting The Standard: Alex Toth at Standard Comics 1952-54, The Road To Plastic Man: The Golden Age Comics of Jack Cole 1937-41, Away From Home: EC Artists at Other Companies, Creeping Death From Neptune: Basil Wolverton’s Sci-Fi and Horror Comics 1938-55 and The Comic Book Frankenstein: The Monster According to Dick Briefer. That's a pretty amazing line-up. I'm especially excited for that Briefer book.

Rex Libris author James Turner has let it be known that the third issue of his Warlord of Io series is now available for download from SLG.

• I think I mentioned this before, but just in case I haven't: McSweeney's is releasing a fancy hardcover reprint of the Justin Green classic Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary. You'll probably want to get this.

• Things I wasn't aware of department: BOOM! Studios has entered into an agreement with Italycomics to publish a monthly anthology of the former's books in Italy. The "Boom Magazine Annual #!" will debut this weekend at the Lucca Comics festival.

PictureBox is plugging a whole slew of new books, comics, zines and prints for those who are interested.

Radical Publishing has unveiled their solicitations for January of next year. They include: the first issue of Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost, a three-issue mini-series written by Ian Edginton and illustrated by Patrick Reilly and Stjepan Sejic; Legends: The Enchanted #0, written and illustrated by Nick Percival. The Aladdin series will retail for $4.99 an issue. The complete Legends story will be released in April as a stand-alone graphic novel.

• You might be wanting to keep an eye out for this Dark Horse book soon I reckon.

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