Thin wallets, fat bookshelves: A publishing news round-up

Two quick items of note:

1) Lissa "Kuriousity" Pattillo has sussed out what Vertical's next big Osamu Tezuka translation project is, following their ongoing release of Black Jack. Apparently it's Ayako, a work I'm unfamiliar with, but intially came out in 1972 and is described in detail over at the Anime News Network:

Judging by the page count, it looks like this will be a done-in-one volume similar to MW rather than separated into different volumes. According to Amazon, the book will be out in October. (via)

2) Paul Hornschemeier is currently working on a new collection of short stories entitled Forlorn Funnies Vol. 1. The book will come out in the fall from Fantagraphics. Here he is describing some of the contents:

Our principal concern of this volume, “Obvious Amenities,” is Act One of the story of Edward Molson, salesman. After the untimely osprey-induced death of a co-worker, Molson is thrust into a cross-country speaking engagement, a chance to revisit youthful diversions, and a potential extra-marital love affair. But for now, he has to walk his wife’s dog. Again.

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