Thin wallets, fat bookshelves: A publishing news round-up

* Sonny Liew reveals that he and Roger Landridge are working on a Spider-Man story for Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #50.

* PictureBox publisher Dan Nadel revealed two projects of note over on the Comics Comics blog: 1) He is working on a second volume of Art Out of Time; and 2) He and Marknewgarden are working on a "biography/art book" on Milt Gross.

We have spoken to hitherto undiscovered sources, found incredible artwork, and are finally beginning to understand the scope of Gross's epic career in comics, film, prose, animation, fine art, and even television. We don't have a release date for the book yet, but assure you that we will spend summer '09 sweating it out over our keyboards. Anyhow, should any of you out there have rare Gross photos or ephemera, please contact me: dan (at) pictureboxinc (dot) com.

* If that wasn't enough Milt Gross news for you, it looks like IDW will be collecting all of his comic book work in one volume, to be released in November. (found via)


* Fantagraphics has been posting up pages from their upcoming fall catalog. Among the bigger revelations: All and Sundry, and odds and sodds collection of work by Paul Hornschemeier, a collection of comics by Steve Ditko during his first two years in the industry, a collection of Danish comics, and a novel by Monte Schulz, son of Charles M.

* The publisher also notes that Neil Gaiman is writing one of two introductions for the forthcoming collection of Gahan Wilson's Playboy cartoons. Hugh Hefner is writing the other one.

* I wasn't aware that someone was making an adaptation of Philip Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep, but apparently Boom! is.

* Tom Spurgeon notes that Chris Ware, not content with Building Stories and Rusty Brown, is serializing a third story story in the pages of the Virginia Quarterly Review.

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