Thin wallets, fat bookshelves: A publishing news round-up

* Over at the Drawn & Quarterly blog, Tom Devlin announces that the company will be starting a children's book line, entitled "D&Q Enfant." The first few titles in the line will consist of Moomin picture books.

* The blog Monster Brains has a brief preview of Johnny Ryan's upcoming grand guginol graphic novel, Prison Pit. It's probably NSFW.

* The Cartoon Network and Del Rey have joined forces to produce a series of graphic novels based on the popular Secret Saturdays cartoon show. The first volume will hit stores in September.

* Zenescope has announced plans for a third and final Wonderland mini-series.

* Kyle Baker is attempting a Sherlock Holmes pastiche, by way of the Bratz dolls, judging by the cover. He reveals a bit about the comic in the comments:

It's about the world's greatest violin-playing detective, Charlotte Holmes, and her friend and biographer Dr. Watson. They live at 221b Doyle street (get it?) in NY, above their landlady, Mrs. Hudson (wearing curlers). The episode depicted is "The Essex Street Vampire," in which Holmes is hired by a man who suspects his wife of Vampirism when he catches her at their infant's side with blood running from her mouth!

Naturally, since this is a Kyle book, it has lots of action, too. This episode hase fights at a Goth club. That's where the bald brute comes in.

The book will be in stores this summer.


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