Thieves steal 500 comics in Calgary smash and grab

Thieves broke into Alpha Comics in Calgary, Alberta, early Thursday, and took more than 500 comic books and trade paperbacks, stuffing them in a garbage bag.

Although no high-value comics were stolen, owner Chris Humphries told CTV Calgary the price for that many titles adds up, amounting to a loss of several thousand dollars.

"There was some really cool comics that got stolen, that were written and created by people who are trying to make comics better,” he said. “The dollar value of the individual comics is not very high, actually I sell comics in this store here at the suggested U.S. retail price, so per comic it’s not very expensive, but they took a lot.”

Humphries has posted a list of the stolen titles -- they range from Afterlife With Archie to Deadly Class to Fables -- in hopes that someone will spot the comics if the culprits try to resell them. "The three apes that did this threw the comics into a sack," he wrote on the store's Facebook page, "so they are most likely damaged."

He's already replaced the glass door smashed by the thieves to enter the store, and Alpha Comics was open on Thursday. Although this is the second break-in since January, Humphries said he's resisting placing bars on the storefront.

"People want to talk about bars," he wrote on Facebook. "This is actually a topic that's been talked about in the store a lot since the smash in back in January. The atmosphere and aesthetic of Alpha Comics is important. It's part of it's identity. I spend 50 hours a week working at Alpha Comics. I CHOOSE to not work behind bars. There are other options I am exploring. Choosing not to have bars doesn't make it so that Alpha deserved to be broken into and trashed."

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