These Unused 'Rise of the Silver Surfer' Storyboards Are Pretty Fantastic

Do you remember the epic escape from Doom's castle in Tim Story's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, or maybe the midair battle in the Fantasti-Car? Probably not, because they were never shot. However, storyboard artist Darrin Denlinger, who went on to work on The Avengers and Iron Man 3, helped conceive the scenes in a series of unused storyboards posted on Film Sketchr.

The scenes include a confrontation with Doom at his castle, with the Silver Surfer standing alongside the superhero quartet. "In early development, Dr. Doom's castle in Latveria was a big presence in the film," Denlinger said. "While producing stuff for the studio presentation, I did [a] series of illustrations detailing the Fantastic Four's escape from the castle and Victor Von Doom's army of 'Doombots.'"

Another sequence involved an epic air battle in their signature vehicle. "The FantastiCar designed by Tim Flattery was my absolute favorite piece of eye candy from the project," Denlinger said. "These illustrations show it in action as the team head toward their final showdown with Dr. Doom. I think it was such a missed opportunity that this vehicle was never really exploited in the merchandising of the film."

You can see more unused storyboards, accompanied by Denlinger's commentary, at Film Sketchr.

The Fantastic Four's next shot at the big screen comes Aug. 7, 2015, in a franchise reboot directed by Josh Trank.

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