These Tick (and Arthur) Promo Photos Will Melt Your Heart

Ironhead Studios has released some unseen photos from Season 2 of The Tick.

"Just thought we'd share this slightly retouched glamour shot of the big guy and his 'lil buddy!" Ironhead Studios wrote on Instagram. "We had a great time building The Tick's suit for season 2 along with the Lobstercules suit and Arthur's helmet. Thanks to the creator Ben Edlund for giving birth to this world!"

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"Another shot of the boys!" Ironhead Studios wrote. "We had a great time building The Tick's suit for season 2 along with the Lobsterculese suit and Arthur's helmet."

The series was canceled after two seasons on Amazon Prime. Fans' hopes of a pick-up from another streaming platform or network were crushed by creator Ben Edlund in June. It was the third televised incarnation of the superhero comedy character after the 1990s animated series and a 2000 live-action take on the hero, which starred Patrick Warburton.

The Tick stars Peter Serafinowicz as the titular character, Griffin Newman as Arthur Everest, Yara Martinez as Miss Lint, Scott Speiser as Overkill, Brendan Hines as Superian and Valorie Curry as Dot Everest. The first two seasons of the series are available on Amazon Prime.

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