These 'Star Wars' vegetable carvings are too amazing to eat

For the past 10 years, sushi chef Okitsugu Kado has been carving vegetables into life-like slices of a galaxy far, far, away for his patrons. Using the Force to manipulate daikon, sweet potatoes and carrots, he's created more than 90 "Star Wars" figures and scenic displays for guests at his Osaka, Japan, restaurant Oki's Sushi Bistro to marvel at and devour.

Oki's practice belongs to the traditional Japanese art of mukimono: decorative food garnishing. As reported by Nerdist, Oki originally began making these figurines and elaborate scenes to feed and contribute to his weekly Jedi Order meetings with his "Star Wars" community, the Jedi Order of Japan.

Check out just some of Oki's "Star Wars" creations below and on his blog and Facebook page.

Photos of his delicious recreations were shared originally by Kotaku.


このあいだ取材したスター・ウオーズが大好きなお寿司屋さんの原稿を入校作業中。いま写真を整理しているのですが、もう楽しくて仕方ない。 pic.twitter.com/oOpmXUeOlQ

— 吉村智樹 (@tomokiy) June 9, 2016

ジェダイ寿司本日のメイン! pic.twitter.com/E8hJkRHIec — ばなな (@booksbanana) September 27, 2014

キャー!ジェダイ寿司さん最高✨✨ヽ(^0^)ノ✨✨ pic.twitter.com/LSAgCn97xz

— たまっしー (@tamassyBB8) May 16, 2016


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