These Star Wars Chewbacca Slippers Unleash a Wookiee Roar

Chewbacca has suffered his share of insults over the years, called a "big coward" and "fuzzball" by Han Solo, a "big walking carpet" by Leia, and a "hairy beast" and "flea-bitten furball" by C-3PO. But at last the Wookiee is getting his due, honored with what are undoubtedly the toastiest -- and noisiest -- slippers this side of Kashyyyk.

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Don't worry: Although these are officially licensed "Star Wars" footwear, they aren't made from genuine Wookiee fur. (They're actually 100 percent polyester; no Wookiee was harmed in the making of this product.)

Sold exclusively by ThinkGeek, the fuzzy slippers not only look like the feet of Han Solo's faithful companion, complete with 10 little Wookiee toes, but also emit two different roars when you walk, characterized by the company as "RRRAARRWHHGWWR" and "WAAAAAAAAARGH." If the situation calls for stealth -- say, you're sneaking past snoozing Stormtroopers or trying not to drive your housemates crazy -- you can switch off the sound.

As you can see in the video below, the "Star Wars" Chewbacca slippers are so comfortable they even receive the endorsement of Darth Vader. And Sith Lords have famously discerning tastes.

The "Star Wars" Chewbacca Slippers With Sound are available for $30 from ThinkGeek.

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