These Rocket Raccoon & Groot Statues Will Make You Say I Am... Broke

Do you have a big, tree-shaped empty space in your display case? If so, Sideshow Collectiblesis eager to fill it with a couple of new premium figures. And when Sideshow says 'premium," it really means it.

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Coming in at a whopping 22.5 inches tall, the company's latest Groot statue is a sight to behold. Based on comic artist Steve McNiven's redesign of the character (as opposed to the movie version, or the fully clothed 2008 version), Groot is depicted as a mighty Flora Colossus, scowling and ready for battle. In some photos, one of his hands isn't even a hand; it's more of a battle-tendril, aka an "attack arm."

Of course, the monarch of Planet X wouldn't be much without his diminutive furry companion, and Sideshow has got you covered. Standing at a still-pretty-tall 10 inches, Rocket Raccoon is similarly fearsome. He, too, is based on his McNiven redesign, wearing his black-and-orange spacesuit. Rocket is ready for murder, with a smallish gun in one paw and a much larger one in the other.

If your devotion to the greatest duo in the galaxy runs deep, these figures will set you back $599 (for Groot) and $279 (for Rocket) respectively. Sideshow also sells a Gamora and Angela. Before too long, you could be the proud owner of the entire team. Which is obviously the plan as the figures are meant to be displayed together; each of them is on a matching base covered in blue, outer-space crystals.

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