These photos perfectly capture mundane lives of Stormtroopers

The life of an Imperial Stormtrooper isn't all about searching for droids, firing wildly at Rebel scum and fleeing exploding Death Stars. It has its mundane moments too, spent shopping for groceries, relaxing with co-workers, filing taxes and figuring out how the heck you're supposed to pee while wearing that armor.

Photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera captures those moments, and more, in his series "The Other Side," which depicts the Emperor's soldiers participating in everyday activities. “They represent the galactic working class,” he told Wired. “Let’s be honest, if that future existed, we would probably be imperial soldiers and not heroes or villains.”

And after seeing the photo of the galaxy's loneliest Stormtrooper celebrating his birthday, you'll never view the Empire's shock troops quite the same way again.

(via So Bad So Good)

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