These Marvel motorcycle helmets will get your motor runnin'

When you're ready to hop on your bike and hit the open road, you can now choose a side -- Team Cap or Team Iron Man -- with these officially licensed Marvel motorcycle helmets. Or, you can say to hell with both of them and justgo with Team Punisher, because when in doubt, bet on Frank.

Produced by HJC, the helmets boast a lightweight advanced polycarbonate composite shell, an advanced channeling ventilation system, and an anti-scratch face shield that's particularly striking on the Iron Man version.

Each design bears the colors and logos of the corresponding character, with Captain American likely to evoke memories of his 1979 television movie. The Iron Man helmet could easily pass for something from Tony Stark's arsenal, while the Punisher design is pretty tough to beat. (Seriously, stylized and "graffiti" skull logos?)

Priced at $175 each, the helmets will be available in beginning in May.

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(via Hi Consumption)

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