These li'l 'Batman v Superman' figures usher in dawn of cuteness

If dialogue like "Tell me ... do you bleed?" is too grim for your tastes, just imagine it being uttered by this cute pint-sized Armored Batman figure from Hot Toys' upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice lineup.

Previously glimpsed in photos from Toy Soul 2015, the Armored Batman and Superman Cosbaby Collectible Set will enable you to reenact the Bat-Signal scene from the trailer (a tiny Bat-Signal is included!), only maybe with a dramatically less-grave voice. Maybe something closer to baby talk.

The Armored Batman figure stands about 9.5 centimeters tall, while the flying Superman rises to 12.5 centimeters. As we saw last month, the Cosbaby line will eventually include other versions of both characters, plus Wonder Woman, Aquaman and even a Batmobile.

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