These insane Darth Vader shoes embrace the Sparkly Side

Just when you thought Irregular Choice's Star Wars shoes couldn't get any wackier than those lightsaber heels or fuzzy Chewbacca boots, the U.K. company has summoned Darth Vader. And the Dark Lord appears ready to party.

The first sneakers, high-top or otherwise, in the collection, the R-Series Vader trainers are -- as you can see -- so far over the top that they'd turn heads at Jabba's Palace.

If you thought Darth Vader's iconic costume cried out for a splash of color, these sparkly shoes are for you. From the BeDazzled helmet/tongue to the glitter to the light-up soles, these shoes scream "Look at -- and fear -- me!"

The R-Series Vader debuts May 27.

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(via Fashionably Geek)

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