These infographics explain which sci-fi favorites are fastest

Some questions have plagued humanity for millennia: Why are we here? Is there intelligent life on other planets? Who would finish the New York City Marathon faster, Green Goblin atop his Goblin Glider or Batman in the Batmobile? Now handy infographic holds the answer to one of those. (I'll let you guess which one.)

The clever folks at the online trip calculator Travelmath have taken a long, nerdy look at the speeds notable characters and vessels from science fiction (with a few from the real world thrown in for context), and pitted them against each other in a series of charts and GIFs.

As fast as Star Wars' TIE Fighters and Battlestar Galactica's Colonial Vipers appear on screen, they'd be left in the dust by Iron Man and the Human Torch in a race around the world. Why or how the crew of Serenity would be in competition with Superman, Goku and Sonic is anybody's guess, but there's no contest when it comes to a trip from Earth to Neptune.

As for that marathon? The Batmobile, by about seven minutes.

(via Fast Company)

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