These Hello Kitty x Mazinger Z toys will conquer the world

As if Hello Kitty weren't already a global merchandising juggernaut, she's now merged with super-robot Mazinger Z to form a virtually unstoppable force.

In an animated video that's sure to rattle the world, Bandai trumpets the new Hello Kitty x Mazinger Z collaboration, the apparent result of Chogokin Hello Kitty ... colliding with the super-robot in the street? However it happened, we end up with a Mazinger Z toy painted in Hello Kitty colors and sporting red bows and her familiar emblem, and a Hello Kitty toy in the Mazinger Z colors, with a pop-open cockpit and a minifigure that fits inside.

The Hello Kitty toy will arrive in May, followed by Mazinger Z in June.

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(via TAG Hobby)

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