These gorgeous superhero watercolor paintings make a splash

Artist Clementine Campardou challenged herself to paint a new picture each day that she'd share through an e-newsletter "Colour Up Your Day." Over the course of two years, she's produced more than 500 paintings, mostly beautiful watercolors, featuring an eclectic mix of subjects, ranging from birds and flowers to movie characters and superheroes. A lot of superheroes.

Superman, Wonder Woman, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Supergirl, Gambit -- they're all there, in some cases multiple times, alongside the likes of Goku, Totoro, R2-D2, Astro Boy and Ken from Gatchaman. Oh, and Prince.

"Beside finding the time, the challenge is to find the inspiration," Campardou wrote on Bored Panda, where she announced the release of the paintings. "Mine comes from the things that either moves me or excite me, or just blow me away. POP culture from the 80’s, movie characters, strong independent women (the real heroes), France where I’m from, or Bondi and Australia, where I live. I have a thing for Super Heroes too."


Check out a selection of the paintings below, and see them all on Campardou's website.

[gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="216465,216464,216463,216460,216461,216459,216454,216458,216452,216456,216455,216470,216453,216462,216457,216468"]

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