These Drawings Don't Just Appear Out of Thin Air

Last week, we had a Comic Book Characters/Video Game Characters themed edition of The Line it is Drawn. Bill Walko drew an excellent take-off on the Grand Theft Auto franchise with Grand Theft Auto: Gotham City.

You can check it out here.

The drawing has become popular on the internet, appearing on many different video game fan sites and stuff like that. Which is great. Except roughly half of them (probably more than half) do not even credit Bill Walko for drawing the piece. As bad as that is, it is a lot higher percentage than the ones who credit The Line it is Drawn as the source of the drawing, which appears to be roughly zero percent. I haven't seen a single incoming link from a website featuring the drawing, despite it appearing on many different websites. If commenter TJCoolguy hadn't mentioned it earlier today, I would not even have known it was a popular piece.

I see this frequently with the Line it is Drawn pieces. Another one I remember in particular was Caanan Grall's excellent Mystique/Smurf piece from last year. I'd be on the Comic Book Resources' message board and someone would post the drawing that they saw on some site talking about how great it was. No mention of either Caanan or the Line it is Drawn, though, of course.

As the title of this piece suggests, these drawings don't just come out of the ether. People create them and if you're going to post them on your site, please give the proper credit. Say the artist, note the source and preferably provide a link.

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