These 'Dragon Ball Z' costumes just solved your Halloween dilemma

If your plans for dressing as your favorite Dragon Ball Z character for Halloween began and ended with an orange T-shirt and an excessive amount of hair gel, you may just be the target audience for these new masks and costumes from Japanese retailer Gee! Store.

Officially licensed, and incredibly faithful to the blockbuster anime franchise, these latex masks of Goku, Piccolo and Frieza make dress-up easy. To complete the look, Gee! is also selling matching costumes. Hey, who said dressing up had to be difficult?

The full Goku ensemble will cost you about $135, with Piccolo and Frieza running about $130 each. No word yet whether these will be available in the United States, so you may have to great a bit creative in order to get your hands on one before Oct. 31.

It's either that, or learn how to sew ...

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(via Kotaku)

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