These Avengers razors are more dangerous than any villain

It's no longer April Fools' Day, but we can still enjoy this absolutely perfect video trumpeting the advances in shaving forged by a partnership between Gillette and Stark Industries.

Originating on Gillette Korea's YouTube page as an Age of Ultron promo, the trailer boasts mind-blowing -- and, frankly, dangerous-sounding -- Avengers-inspired technology, like the Repulsor I razor with its own arc reactor, the XL Gamma with its unstable molecular structure, and the Gillette Thunder with micro-lightning ("Keep Out of Reach of Mortals").

Before you get too excited (or alarmed), stick around until the end of the video, where Gillette cautions, "Avengers-inspired razors are prototypes only. Not available in stores, online, or anywhere, really." Phew, we'll live to shave another day ...

(via Kotaku)

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