'There's no room for cowards when your uniform is green'

I hesitate to poke fun at musician Gary Mitchell because, gosh, he seems really, really sincere. A Green Lantern fan, he wrote and recorded a song called "In Brightest Day" that he hopes to have included in the soundtrack for Warner Bros.' upcoming movie adaptation. To that end, Mitchell has launched an online campaign, with a video, so that the song might come to the attention of studio executives.

"With hard-hitting guitar riffs, rock solid groove and exhilarating energy," Mitchell writes on his MySpace page, " 'In Brightest Day' is the perfect GL anthem, exalting themes of courage, perseverance and will power in the midst of impossible challenges, perfect to appeal to fans and non comic fans alike."


It's definitely a feel-good song, although one with rather purple lyrics -- sorry, I couldn't resist! -- like "Soaring through the sky on the wings of my mind" and "Raise your anthem, fly your colors until all the world has seen/There's no room for cowards when your uniform is green." And the tune is catchy, reminiscent of something from an '80s teen-movie montage showing the protagonist training for an arm-wrestling tournament/downhill-skiing race/big exam.

Mitchell asks that if you like "In Brightest Day," do what you can to get the song in front of Warner Bros. executives.

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