There's a Tulip O'Hare 'Preacher' Pop! vinyl figure after all

Funko's line of Preacher Pop! vinyl figures was greeted last month with a chorus of "Awwww," followed immediately by "Hey, where's Tulip?" Both reactions are understandable because a. the figures are cute as hell (especially Arseface), and b. there's a history of toymakers ignoring female characters, even while producing multiple versions of the males. But fear not, Funko hasn't let down Tulip fans.

This morning the company unveiled three new exclusive Preacher Pop! figures, including a sunglasses-wearing Tulip O'Hare who looks capable of handling any situation that might arise on the toy shelf.

A Previews catalog exclusive, the 3.75-inch figure is joined by a bloody version of the vampire Cassidy, available only at Hot Topic, and a Jesse Custer with uplifted arms, which can be found at GameSpot.

They're set to arrive in August, at the same time as the other Preacher Pop! figures.

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