There you go, Astro Boy (uh-huh, yeah, like that)

Gia Manry points us to the future of all-male revues fetish-wear cosplay: inflatable latex/rubber costume knock-offs of beloved anime and manga characters. There's "Astro Kid," "Doraimon" and, of course, "Pikachoo" -- among others.

Who could've guessed that the phrase "Pikachu! I choose you!" would be followed by the insertion of a dollar bill into the Pokémon's booty shorts?

The designer, one Oliver Spiers, offers the custom-made outfits for sale (you have to contact him directly, though). There are, undoubtedly, many words of caution that should accompany these ensembles, but Spiers warns on the "Astro Kid" page that "Actual flight isnt possiable [sic] in this costume!"

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