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There Was This Other Time That Captain America Was Unstuck In Time

by  in Comic News Comment
There Was This Other Time That Captain America Was Unstuck In Time

And it made for a pretty fun story back then. I’ve been reading it in small increments for a week.* It has nothing in common with Captain America: Reborn at all other than Cap time traveling from one era to another, because it’s a ’70s Kirby story.

So this isn’t a “Ed Brubaker totally ripped off the King!” post or anything. They share a main character and a similar gimmick, but are different works and should be judged on their own merits. This also isn’t going to include scans recapping the story and pointing out how goofy awesome it is. What does this look like, the ISB?** I really just wanted to point out the one similarity between the two stories and that’s it.

Except for this. I will be greatly disappointed if Mr. Buda isn’t involved in Reborn somehow. On the other hand, I will be inappropriately delighted if it turns out he was the one who orchestrated the whole Brubaker run to teach everyone (including the Red Skull) a lesson about American history,*** which will be summed up with everyone interacting with a plucky group of kids from many different cultures. Including the Red Skull, again.

*Because, as much as I love Kirby, there’s only so much of his ’70s work of his I can read, that doesn’t have the Fourth World characters or Devil Dinosaur at least, at a time. Or so much concentrated awesome I can handle at a time. Not sure.

**That may be my most obligatory Sims link yet.

***The only reason I’m doing this foot note is to shoe horn the phrase “Cap’s Magical History Tour” in to this post. Because that’s what Bicentennial Battles is, really.****

****I should also mention that the captions after Cap watches the Atomic Bomb test probably melted Jonathan Lethem’s brain, if he ever read it. And anyone who didn’t like Kirby prose, really. You know, big fat jerks.

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