There Can Be Only Two: Jerwa and Oeming Talk "Highlander"

In the world of "Highlander" there can be only one, but when it comes to the new comic book from Dynamite Entertainment based on the franchise, it takes two, co-writers Brandon Jerwa and Michael Oeming.

Dynamite recently launched the "Highlander" comic book with a preview issue, which flew off the shelves and helped build anticipation for the regular series launch in October. Jerwa and Oeming have worked in comics for years and achieved a great deal of success. Before "Highlander," Brandon Jerwa wrote most of the "G.I. Joe" series for Marvel Comics and more recently the well-received "G.I. Joe" spin-off "Snake Eyes: Declassified" from Devil's Due. Mike Oeming is the co-creator of the Eisner Award nominated series "Powers" with Brian Michael Bendis as well as the writer of "Bulletproof Monk" and another current Dynamite book, "Red Sonja."

Both writers are very excited to be working on the new "Highlander" comic book and thrilled to be able to bring new stories to fans. "I think it's the marriage of my particular approach to the characters and Mike's love of the entire franchise that makes this a successful book right out of the gate," Jerwa told CBR News.

How did the two end up together on this much anticipated series? "The first 'Highlander' is one of my favorite films ever and the show was great," Oeming told CBR News. "I just said I would kill my mother to write 'Highlander.' Were she not already passed, it might be a problem. I'm psyched about it."

Jerwa agreed, but initially had some reservations about his qualifications for the job. "I'd seen all the movies, but I'd never seen the TV show and it just wasn't something I'd ever think to pursue because I didn't feel particularly qualified to do it. Of course, I've now seen the TV series and have done my research on all fronts, so the question of qualification is in the hands of the fans."

The "Highlander" comic book will remain mostly consistent with the world and the continuity of the films and TV series, with a few twists, some new characters and maybe one or two surprises thrown into the mix. Said Jerwa, "We're operating in the basic realm of the TV continuity, for all intents and purposes. Connor MacLeod defeated the Kurgan, but the Game is far from over. There are plenty of immortals out there including his cousin Duncan. For the time being, we're going to be dealing with the time following the first movie in the '80s, but at some point we are going to have to move ahead."

"To me, it's its own continuity, tying in with the first film . . . and it continues where the TV show left off, but with Duncan and Connor still around so it's sort of a hybrid," said Oeming. "We all love the concept and the characters and want to see them continue. To me though, the first film is its own thing. Everything else is just as real and legit as you want it to be - alternative, yet legit."

As for characters, new and old, said Jerwa, "We've already introduced some new mortal and immortal characters in the zero issue, and we will see more new faces along the way. At the same time, look for Duncan in issue number five." Oeming agreed, saying, "Brandon is heading the series for the most part, I'm letting him roll the ball, it's his game. I plan on doing other stories, and we will surely see the return of certain loved characters and obscure characters."

And what about surprises? Jerwa and Oeming were tight-lipped about most of the details, but were able to say that readers can definitely expect some as the story progresses. "I will say that we plan to shed some new light on the end of the first movie," said Jerwa. Oeming was equally cryptic saying "Things are in the works is all I can say."

Of course, with a franchise as popular as "Highlander," some hard-core fans may be concerned about how the comic book will tell the "Highlander" story. According to Jerwa and Oeming, they don't have anything to worry about. "We're trying to be as careful and as thoughtful as possible. Every story passes over the desk of ['Highlander' TV Series Producer] David Abramowitz and he is closely involved with the process," said Jerwa. Oeming echoed, "Brandon and I are huge fans of the films and the show. We won't always knock it out of the park, but we are swinging hard, and with heart."

So, "Highlander" fans, sit back, relax and get ready for some intense and exciting immortal on immortal action coming to a comic book store near you. If there really can be only one, then this comic book is it.

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