There Appears to be an Error in DC's Advance Solicitations

I see in the advance solicitations for DC Comics' September titles over at Newsarama that Angela Robinson AND Felicia D. Henderson are writing ongoing titles for DC.

TWO black women writing ongoing superhero titles for DC Comics?

My computer screen must be smudged, right? That has to be some sort of a mistake.

Seriously, good on DC. Obviously, the most important thing is that they are both GOOD writers (also, "a co-executive producer for Fringe!" isn't exactly the most useful information when you're curious about a new writer like Henderson - why not mention her extensive history writing for television series, including multiple episodes of Gossip Girl - for someone writing Teen Titans, you'd figure that that experience would be on point, no?), but it's still impressive to see DC adding a little diversity to its writing corps.

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