Themed sketchbooks: Jamie S. Rich's Audrey Hepburns

Yesterday we took a tour of Marvel's Timely era, courtesy of writer B. Clay Moore, and now we turn to one of the icons of the silver screen: Audrey Hepburn.

Portland-based writer and editor Jamie S. Rich has one of the most popular and unique sketchbooks I've ran across, documenting the various looks and personae of actress Audrey Hepburn. Here's what he had to say about it:

I was actually working my way through a miscellaneous sketchbook when the Audrey Hepburn one got started for me. Maryanne Snell, who I think was still working at Atlantis Fantasy World at the time, put together a bunch of Audrey drawings for my birthday and it turned out so well, there was no way I could let it end there. I've been pretty happy with the contributions over the years. If anything, I wish I could move a little faster at getting new ones, but I think going slow has meant that the people who have contributed have really put time into their drawings. The key to a great sketchbook is to make sure you lead with a couple of really great ones that will scare the living hell out of whoever comes next. No one wants to phone it in when they are going to be sitting alongside Mike Allred, David Mack, and Craig Thompson.

Part of the fun of the project is seeing what Audrey people are going to pick. Will they gravitate to a common movie or image, or will they find something more obscure? I've sometimes considered getting odd renditions of her, too. Like when Ross Campbell totally wussed out on me saying the assignment was too scary, I thought about maybe trying to convince him of doing Audrey as a zombie...but then, I don't care all that much for zombies, so I decided against it. I think Ross is the only guy who said no. People should ridicule him for being such a big sissy, he can't handle Audrey Hepburn.

Here's a selection of some of my favorites from his collection -- see the full collection so far on his Flickr page and find your own favorite.

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