Themed sketchbooks: B. Clay Moore's Timely sketchbook

On my last stint as guest blogger here at Robot 6, I brought up the time-honored tradition of themed sketchbooks. The mention of that brought suggestions out of the woodwork of creative goldmines inside the pages of sketchbooks collected by fans and even pros at conventions. This week I thought I'd highlight a few of those.

First up is writer B. Clay Moore's Timely sketchbook.

Here's what Moore has to say about his book:

I hang out with a lot of artists, and I'm a big fan of Marvel's goofy Golden Age characters. I started lugging the sketchbook to cons, and asking guys that I hung out with if they'd contribute. There's a bunch of reference tucked into the back pocket of the Moleskine I use, and I've always figured the characters would be fun enough to draw. All of the contributors are friends or collaborators (or even both!), which makes it a little more personal.

Here's several more to see, but to see the complete set visit Moore's blog.

Bloodborne #15

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